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Bandeath Industrial Estate, Throsk, Stirling

Our Services

Domestic Storage

Do you need a secure storage space to keep your belongings in while you are renovating, decorating or moving house? We provide mobile self storage units for customers in Stirling.

Student Storage

If you are travelling abroad, going home for Easter, Christmas or the Summer or going on a gap year and need somewhere safe to store your belongings, then we can help. We can collect and store your items for as long as you require.

Business Storage

Do you require storage for your archive boxes or excess stock? You can take advantage of our portable storage vaults to free up your valuable office space.

Simple and effective storage solutions

Storage vault units in Stirling

At Stirling Self Storage, we offer simple and effective storage services. We are fully mobile which means that we’ll bring our storage vault to you. As the movable storage vaults are delivered direct to your door, you don’t have to hire a van to transport your goods to a storage facility.

Just fill our portable storage vault with the contents of your home or office. We’ll then collect the vault and store your items in our facility and deliver the storage vault back to you when you need it.

Self storage is a system that allows you to hire storage units in order to store your goods. Your units will be stored in a facility and only you’ll have access to your items. Self storage is perfect for you if you are moving home and need space to store your items or if you are renovating your home and need somewhere to store your furniture.

We will deliver the vault to your door at a time that suits you.  You then get four hours in which to load your goods into the vault before we come back and take the trailer and the vault away.  You will need to padlock the vault when it is full for security (we can provide padlocks if you wish). 

Once back at the warehouse, we will store your vault until you want your goods back, and then it is the reverse process,  we bring the vault to you, you get four hours to unload and then we pick the trailer and the empty vault up.All our vaults are fully equipped with protective covers so that you can protect the goods in the vault.

You can store most things.  However, for safety reasons you can’t store food or perishable items, combustible, flammable substances or items obtained illegally. 

You obviously also can’t store firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition, chemicals, radio-active materials, etc or goods which are environmentally harmful.  Currencies, deeds and securities are not allowed in either nor are items which are unique or have significant sentimental value to you.